It is about demoing and showing both judges and other teams what you have been working on during the weekend. Feel free to go around and watch other teams´ demos as long as you have at least one team member present at your table marked with a lamp number.



The deadline for Devpost project submission is at 11:00 on Sunday 26.11. and Demo Expo begins at 13:00. This means you’ll have 2 hours time to prepare your demo after the Devpost submission deadline. Please notice that this is your only time to prepare for the possible demo on the Main Stage, too. For more information about Devpost, please refer to https://live.hackjunction.com/devpost/.

Demo Expo is from 13:00-15:50 and you will present your project at your table marked with a lamp number. Judges will find your table based on the table number on your lamp in your submission. Your table number is the number in the numbered lamp nearest to your team (white IKEA lamp, please keep the light on).

It is possible to have multiple teams with the same table number. To minimize confusion, you should fill this template (http://bit.ly/2A6P25Z) with your team’s information, and have one laptop displaying it at your table during Demo Expo. The template is view-only, but you can create a copy of it from File -> Make a copy. This helps the judges a lot to find the right team as there may be multiple teams with the same table number.

There are 2 types of judges:
Partner judges, who evaluate your project based on how well you solved their challenges.
Community judges, who review your project based on our general judging criteria (https://junction2017.devpost.com/#judging-criteria). Community judges will review you based on tracks.

Judges will tell you whether they are Community or partner judges so present your project accordingly.

Guideline to a good demo:

  • Duration: roughly 3 min. If your demo takes longer, judges will have to move on before your demo is over.
  • Short introduction to the problem
  • Hands-on demo of your work
  • What cool technology did you use?
  • What’s the most awesome thing about your project?
  • How did you solve the challenge/challenges you participated in??


Judges will come to your table, so make sure that there is always someone at your table to demo your work for the duration of Demo Expo. The whole team does not need to be present, so some team members are free to walk around and look at other projects.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!



After the Demo Expo, track & challenge winners will be announced at the Main Stage starting at 4:05 PM, one track at a time. This will be streamed at Keynote Stage and some of the info displays. All winners should proceed to the Game Jam & Entertainment area on the 2nd floor to pick up their prize and receive further instructions immediately after being announced. From there, track winners will be directed to the Main Stage to await the announcement of the finalist teams.



From the 13 track winners, 6 finalist teams will be chosen and announced at the Main Stage at 5:00 PM. The finalist team’s demos will begin on the main stage shortly after being announced.

Keep in mind, that if you make it to the finals, you will not have much time to work on your demo after the expo. This means that if you are feeling confident about being one of the best teams, make sure your demo is also presentable on the main stage.



6 finalist teams will get to demo on the main stage starting at 5PM. The main stage demo can be largely similar to your Demo Expo demo, but:

  • Duration is 5 minutes, so you have 2 extra minutes to impress the judges
  • The winner is decided by our 5 main judges
  • Keep in mind you are on stage, so some things that work in a face-to-face Demo Expo setting might not work on the main stage.