Demo expo

The Demo Expo is where you present your project to the partners and other participants. It’s all about showing what you have done and how you have done it. Demo should be approximately 3 minutes long (max 4 minutes).

The demoing happens on Sunday from 10am to 2pm and it’s split into two sections. First, you will be presenting your projects to the partners from 10am to 12pm in the Partner reviewing section. Then after that from 12.15pm to 2pm it’s time for the Peer reviewing section where the projects are presented to fellow participants.

To find out more about the reviewing process you’ll have to scroll down a bit to find the Reviewing section. However, to put it simply, just make sure there is at least one person from your team presenting your project from 10am to 2pm on Sunday.

Note that the demoing will start right after the submission deadline at 10am, so prepare for the demoing beforehand!



Reviewing consists of two sections: Partner reviewing and Peer reviewing.

Partner reviewing (10am – 12pm)

During Partner reviewing the partners visit the projects that did their challenge. According to these demos the partners will then decide the challenge winners. Be ready to demo your project throughout the whole period!

Peer reviewing (12.15pm – 2pm)

During Peer reviewing the participants have two roles: the ones that are demoing the project and the ones that are reviewing. 1-2 members from each team will be demoing the project to other participants, and the rest of the group is going to be reviewing other projects. It’s also highly recommended to circulate the team members that are reviewing so everyone gets a small glance at other projects and how the reviewing works. The reviewing happens through the Project Platform.

Criteria of a good project

Review all projects based on the same criteria. You can decide yourself what makes a good project. However, these guidelines will give you some idea what we appreciate.


Does it address the problem? Does it solve a problem? How big is the problem it solves?


How’s the tech side? How groundbreaking is the solution?


Is the hack useful in a business sense?


Does the project leave you amazed?

Voting for the main prize winners (5pm)

The winning team of the main prize will also be chosen through the Project Platform: after the pitches of the track winners, you will be able to vote for the team you think should win the main prize. Remember to come and see the final pitches at the Main stage!

In conclusion, the partners are going to choose the winners of their challenges, and the participants are going to choose the track winners and the winner of the main prize through the Project platform.


Project Platform

The Project Platform is where the reviewing actually happens. To access it, go to the Demo Expo tab on the platform. The Project Platform can be accessed through the Registration Platform where the teams are registered.

The platform is simple to use but there are instructions so you should be able to figure it out. After you have logged in, selected the peer reviewing section. Once you have gone through the instructions, the platform will give you a project and its location. According to this information find the project and listen to their demo.

Then. Now that we have kicked off the reviewing process it just starts to repeat itself: info, walk, listen, vote (and repeat). The voting happens always between the two latest projects. On the screen you will see the names of the projects and all you have to do is choose which one you thought was better. The votes decide the winners for each track, so vote wisely.

Just remember “info, walk, listen, vote” and you’ll do well.

To make it even simpler, here is a little graphic of how it works.