Official rules


Here are the official rules of Junction 2018. To be eligible for prizes you must follow these rules.

No code written before the event.*

Allowed team size is 1 – 5.

No remote participation.

You must participate in at least one challenge.

You must submit a link to your source.**

* All code outside of open source libraries must be written at the event. If you use any code written specifically for this idea in advance, or work on a new project that is somehow related to an already existing company, you will be disqualified.

** You can choose whether or not this link is public, but organizers must be able to access your source code.

In case of violation


If you witness or suspect that any of these rules have been violated please inform Junction team member right away (in person or send an email to santeri.hietanen(at) or joonas.nurmi(at)

In case you have any questions you can also contact us on Slack at #_reviewing