How do the TRACKS work

We will assign you to your primary track before Junction 2018. It’s best to choose one primary challenge under the assigned track. You are allowed to compete in just one track.

If you create a project that combines together two different challenges, you can combine them. Then you can submit your project to two different challenges. These challenges don’t need to be under one track. However, with one project, you can participate in a maximum of five challenges. So, feel free to combine several challenges across the tracks.

Does that mean I can win two different challenges?
Yes, you can win two different challenges.

Does that mean I can win two different tracks?
No, you can only win your primary track. You can’t compete in two different tracks. When submitting your project, you need to inform us of the track that you are competing in.

Got more questions?
Holla at us on Slack at #_questions-channel and we’ll help you out!